A Wonderful Chrysalis of Melting Wax: Sri Lankan Batik

The art of Batik making is relatively a new industry that established itself amidst the greenery of Sri Lanka. Being a cottage industry, it employs local artisans, who create various repertoires of products in which one can see the glimpses of Sri Lankan life. Some of the earliest examples of batik works displayed individuality of the artist with varied themes and emotions, but over the years the art has degenerated to a fewer quick selling themes, the procession of the tooth relic in Kandy being one of the popular ones. Products like cushion covers, table-cloths, sarongs, shirts and wall hangings to name a few, are a big craze among the hordes of tourist that flock in this tropical paradise, although one may be cautioned to buy only the authentic batiks as many are fakes.

A visit to a state owned (?) Batik making factory, it was realised the time intensive process of the art form, which also makes it extremely expensive. Every design requires several process of waxing and dyeing, the waxed space resists the dye and only the desired space which remains uncovered with wax, gets coloured. Even when the design is finished; it goes through several processes of cleaning and finishing.

A Wonderful Chrysalis of Melting Wax: Sri Lankan Batik

4 thoughts on “A Wonderful Chrysalis of Melting Wax: Sri Lankan Batik

    1. Thank you Manorath and all my friends, the world is full of beautiful things, which I always wanted to share what I saw and experienced, and finally I started this blog…..:) thanks again for the constant support…..hope to write a lot more in the times to come……..


  1. Stefano says:

    Dear sushmit03 i have batiks of the same painter, the girl with leaves And pitcher .
    do you know the factory or the artist?


    1. Dearest Stefano, the paintings in the entry that are in the frame, belongs to my friend who bought them during the mid 1970’s. The photographs are from a factory, I forgot the exact name, it was ‘magic batiks’ or something like it. I will get back to you if I remember it correctly. Again, Thanks for the interest in my blog ! regards.


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