Papier-mâché art of Odisha

Among various art objects and souvenirs out for sale to tourists coming to Odisha, one immediately gets attracted to the colourful and attractive collectibles made out of papier-mâché. Saw dust, waste paper and rags mixed with gum are beaten to pulp and with the help of clay moulds, desired shapes are crafted. Traditionally, these are then painted using natural colours, but in the recent years synthetic colours available in the market are also used. An array of objects are available, such as brightly painted masks, locally called ‘mukha’, lucky charms, pen stands, toys depicting figurines, birds and animals, all showing local aesthetics influenced by patachitra painting tradition. Masks (mukha) of demons, deities, heroes and animals are used in village drama and dance performances and today are very popular not only for their beauty but also durability. The major concentration of this craft is seen in Ganjam and Puri district (Raghurajpur).

Papier-mâché art of Odisha

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